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[21 Aug 2008 | One Comment | 1,641 views]

Its been almost a month since my engagement party and as I was chatting to my friends, I realised I learnt so many tips that can prove useful for my wedding day. I know some of my comments may be a tad too bridezilla-esque but Im hoping that you can avoid my embarrassing mistakes:
1. Eat before the ceremony. My fiance and I were the last to eat at the engagement party as we had to meet and greet everyone. We hardly got to eat anything because we wanted to speak …

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[14 Aug 2008 | One Comment | 1,956 views]

An alternative to the boozing Hen’s night, how about high tea? 
Here are a list of Hotels, what they offer and most importantly, the price:
1 Afternoon De-Light: organic, low-fat and health-conscious
Where: The Metropolitan Hotel, Mayfair
How much: £24. Eco-tinis and mock-tinis extra
2 Mens’ Afternoon Tea: more meaty, savoury selections aimed at men
Where: The Mandeville Hotel, Marylebone
How much: £22.50; wiskey option £30

3 Brunello Chocolate Afternoon Tea: chocoholics dream
Where: Baglioni Hotel, Kensington
How much: £28; £36 with glass of champagne
To book: 020 7368 5700
4 Laduree Afternoon Tea: famous French macaroons and patisseries
Where: The Athenaeum Hotel, Picadilly
How much: £40 including a glass of Laduree rose champagne
5 Afternoon Beats: sip tea …

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[13 Aug 2008 | Comments Off | 1,345 views]

You must be absolutely sure of what you want, so that dressmaker can give you an accurate quote – which means you have to try on as many dresses as possible – make a note of:
Material – eg – silk satin, chiffon, organza, duchesse satin

The shape – eg empire line or strapless etc, etc
How many layers of fabric? – is there an underskirt?
Details such as embroidary, type of train or whether it requires a bodice? Bodice work will push up the price – but all ready-to-wear wedding dresses that have bodices are …

Engagement & Wedding Ceremony »

[12 Aug 2008 | Comments Off | 1,343 views]

What do you do when you celebrate your wedding on a day other than when you legally get married. I’m having the same dilemma as we got registered this friday but we will have the celebrations a year later. 
I found this invitation wording on a cards catalogue and thought it would be most appropriate:
Bride and Groom 
were united in marriage 
on 8th of August 2008
at Southwark Register
Please join them as they celebrate their vows on Saturday, 8th of August 2009 at 12.00 PM at Central London X Location. 
Also… how to deal with …

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[11 Aug 2008 | Comments Off | 2,111 views]

One way to make your cake stand out is to secure a unique cake top (is that the official word for it?) Here are a few I’ve seen. I like the idea of having flamingos at mine as there are two at the venue we are looking at.

The funny ones are the ones where the bride and groom dolls are doing something funny. But I dont know how that would go down on my in-laws, especially if they dont get the joke! 

This one called “Gone Fishing” is actually one of …

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[10 Aug 2008 | Comments Off | 1,147 views]

Yesterday I posted an inspiration from Confetti: 

For an oriental twist, try Chinese lanterns. They come in different sizes but the smaller ones mixed with some bigger ones would look very cool:


Stationary & Decor »

[9 Aug 2008 | One Comment | 3,704 views]

I saw this at Confetti and thought it would look lovely for an outdoor wedding. Its a sort of garden theme and could look quite oriental. The only problem is getting wire or strings strong enough so that the lanterns/decorations hang properly.

Whilst I was in Dubai, I saw some Chinese traders selling artificial hanging flowers. I know they sound tacky but they actually dont look too bad. They are cheap at 10 pounds a piece but shipping could be problematic as they are quite bulky. I also didnt get a …

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[8 Aug 2008 | Comments Off | 1,165 views]

So today was the big day – 8.8.8 and my fiance and I went down to Southwark council to get legally married. Coincidently, my fiance woke up at 8.08 today because when he was brushing his teeth, I turned on the TV and saw that the clock just struck 8.09 a few minutes afterwards. I hope this brings lots of luck to us, and maybe even 88 years of married life! I’ve been reading news reports where lots of women planned C-sections so that their babies would be born on …

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[7 Aug 2008 | One Comment | 1,216 views]

Do not tell Florists you are using your flowers for a wedding or anything wedding related. I realised this first hand. Today, after our meeting with the Wedding planner, we went to a Florist and I asked for flowers to match my dress for tomorrow (we’re getting legally married for the lucky numbers 8.8.8) and she estimated it would be 10 pounds for a small bunch that we picked together. Then I asked her if she had lilac or pink flowers to match my dress and she asked me if …