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Personalised Save the Date magnets

24 September 2008 7,518 views 2 Comments

I’ve spent the last 4 hours trying to order my personalised save the date magnets…yes this is the life of a bridezilla! I’ve been thinking of sending out some “Save the Date” stuff as everyone has been asking us when we’re going to properly celebrate our wedding as we had our legal ceremony a month ago. Anyways, I didnt just want to send a card that said ‘Save the date’ or be so cheap to email people and ask them to reserve the date.

I think it says a lot about the type of person you are, the wedding you will throw and the respect you have for your friends if you send something more thoughtful. My fiance and I were at a wedding this past weekend and the invitation was very disorganised. The couple sent two extra pages of information which were just printed on A4 paper. I think if they thought about it, they could have made a few more pages on the invitation or put some inserts rather than have to send a package with an assortment of different papers. They also had a sheet of paper with different hotels and some were coloured in differently. I thought the coloured ones  may be hotels which had a special rate or ones they had already booked for the guests. It turns out that it didnt mean anything and everyone called up the groom to inquire. I think little details give away the organisation of the wedding party and its always easier to change something and do it again rather than having to explain to everyone.

So I’ve been thinking that the best way to do ‘Save the Date’ in an unusual way is to do a magnet. My fiance’s friend once gave us a magnet from a wildlife park with a picture of a cute little orangatan who shares my fiance’s name. I always looke at that and thought it would be unique to send ‘Save the Date’ magnets as well. I looked around for Save the Date magnets and I found rave reviews about Vistaprint.com Some couples were saying that they got 50 pieces for around £8. However, I could not find such a good deal. I did manage to find some 50% but the bill still turned up to be around £20 for 50 pieces after you uploaded your own design, paid for postage and then tax. I was a bit irritated at the tax bit because its a bit cheeky. I can understand if we were in the US but in the UK, items should usually be taxed already at the source. Anyways, I think they still work out to be relatively cheap. A few weeks ago, I was at Camden market and I saw an artist selling underground style fridge magnets. I asked him if he would make some for mine and he said he’d charge £1 a peice so I still get very good value from ordering from vistaprint. I also looked on ebay but most of them didnt offer a personalised magnet and I hate how you send money to strangers, I would much prefer to send to an established company like vistaprint.

However, after hours of online visatprint, I noticed they have different prices when you sign up as a new customer and when you sign up as a registered user. For example, as a registered user, I only received 25% discount and without logging in and ordering, I got a 50% discount. I also dont know if its just luck and clicking on the website at the right time when it says ‘50% off’ or when it says ‘25% off’ I know I sound a bit annoying with these costs but I think all these costs add up and I dont want to waste an extra penny where I could have easily saved it. I also think that Vistaprint is extremely sneaky with all the hidden costs – I just bought some business cards from them and although they were advertised as ‘free just pay for posting and packaging’ the cheapest option still totalled in around £8.

Oh, another thing about Vista print is that as soon as you order, they give you 10 minutes to get 50 extra magnets for around £9 and free posting. However, I think its still cheaper for you to order 50 in one go as you pay only £2.50 more for the next order of 25 (with the 50% discount) Have I confused you? I just wanted to say that its cheaper to order in one go than using their special offer because in one go, you pay £2.50 for extra 25 magnets and your p&p is already paid on the first order.

The magnets (I ordered the small ones) are about 9 cm by 5 cm and looks like a really elongated rectangle and thats why I cropped mine without having to change the photo too much. Be careful as you need to leave almost .5 cm on each side of the text. I used a very small size and had to keep readjusting (hence the extra hours spent).I really hope they are not too difficult to see but then again, I can still read the tiny text on newspapers. I date is very prominent and when people see our pictures, I think they’d get the idea.

Overall, I thought it would be really cheap to produce these magnets but I realise Im spending almost 50 pence for each and I really hope they are worth it. Here is another person’s lovely magnet. I’ll post mine when they arrive.

Oh tip: If I had been more organised, I would have liked to send the magnets a year to the day for our wedding.

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  • Mike Harmon said:

    Just wanted to say HI. I found your blog a few days ago on Technorati and have been reading it over the past few days.

  • Dawson said:

    My Friends Recommended This, Amazing!