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Even more Wedding cupcakes

12 October 2008 4,264 views No Comment

I noticed a lot of readers are searching for ‘Wedding Cupcakes.’ I was reading the latest edition of “Brides” (US version) and it had a whole feature on wedding cupcakes. They said its a new way to make the wedding quirky. However, they do warn that a cupcake does not have the same ceremonial air that cutting a wedding cake has. They recommend you make sure the photographer takes a photo of you beside the cupcake stand before you devour it. 

Personally, I think cupcakes are fantastic because they look gorgeous and they are much easier to eat than a cake. I think there could be some really nice photos of the bride and groom feeding each other cupcakes. 

Anyways, here to indulge in your cupcake fantasies…


I like the combination of cupcake and cake in the photo above. However, it would just be a bit strange if you cut the cake at the top. 


Is it only me but do the cupcakes above look like sushi? 

I’ve never seen green cupcakes but these ones above dont look so bad. But I think you have to be careful with the exact shade of green!


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