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Cookies as Place cards and Wedding Favours

3 December 2008 1,535 views No Comment

I glanced into a wedding magazine the other day and saw one bride had personalised cookies which doubled up as place cards and wedding favours. How novel and cool is that? The fact that each cookies is personalised means that people will realise the work and effort put into it. It would be a waste if some people didnt turn up, as I know on some occassions, a few guests dont show up because of an illness or death in the family. 

Anyways, here are some ideas of wedding cookies. Im tempted to find a recipe for sugar cookies and try some out tomorrow. My fiance’s sister gave me some cookie cutters shaped like hands so that would be quite cool but I think the more intricate the shapes, the harder to ice. 

If you ordered them, they would be about £2.50 a piece which I think becomes quite pricey if you add  of it together. But at the same time, you eliminate the costs of both place cards and wedding favours and your guests walk away with something you’ve made yourself. Or just another way to boast off your domestic goddess skills!!!

This is one a bride and her mother made. I think its very cool and could be decorated with different ribbons: 


These are the professional ones below: 


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