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Cupcake stands

22 June 2009 16,060 views No Comment

I spent the whole of friday trying to make cupcakes with my good friend. We tried two different recipes, the tried and tested one and the newer one from the cupcake course. We realise that cupcakes rise if you use butter and if you use the fan assisted option of your oven. So finally on our fourth attempt, we made perfectly flat cupcakes, only to burn them because I wasnt looking! DOH.

Anyways, I was online today looking at cupcake stands. I found three varieties and they seem very cheap if I order them in America:

The larger square ones were priced at $43.00

This was $36.00

I dont know what it is about square cupcake stands but they add more order to the line up and the cupcakes look better that way. Its also easier to tie a ribbon around the edges – to match your colour theme.

and finally, they had a strange looking cupcake stand – perhaps it suits some tastes

and then I tried the trusted ebay. The cupcake stands werent that bad actually. I saw two acrylic stands:

They had another one listed with square edges. These products were being bid around the £30 mark. I’d say that the acrylic ones look much more durable than the cardboard ones (duh!!) but also you could reuse them for a birthday party or lend to another bride again.

I think Im going to logg off now to bid for the acrylic one.

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