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[8 Jul 2011 | Comments Off | 3,816 views]
Fruity Floral Centrepiece

I came back from my best friend’s wedding with tons of ideas. One of the best ideas was a fruity floral centrepiece with lime for wedding flowers. Its cheap and easy and citrus fruits dont discolour much.
To follow the easy instructions:
1. Fill vase upto 2/3 full with water
2. Slice the lemons and slide them down into the inside edge of the glass. To push fruit slices to the bottom, use the handle of a wooden spoon.
3. Fill the vase to the top with water.
4. Place the stems of the …

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[2 Jul 2011 | Comments Off | 1,665 views]
Making Your Own Wedding Bonquets

Due to the exorbitant costs of wedding flowers (bonquets ranging from £60 to PRICELESS!) Linda decided to make her own wedding flowers. At first, I raised concerns about making her own wedding bonquet. I reasoned it was the most important flower arrangement and that it should be professionally done. Linda was adamant that she make the bridal bonquet herself – and she did! (more to follow later). If you want to have the bonquet made professionally, you could save yourself lots of money by not mentioning it is a wedding …

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[21 Apr 2011 | Comments Off | 7,888 views]
Wedding Mood-Board

The other day, I made a life board with the three words ‘Autonomy, Mastery, Purpose’ (apparently three things humans seek in their life from the book ‘Drive’ by Thomas Pink that Im reading)… anyways, I thought that a wedding mood board would be a great idea for brides wanting to create a whole vision of their wedding.
Previously only used by interior decorators, the mood board is now more popular with people using it for life coaching (see above!) and even weddings.  A mood board is simply created by putting toether …

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[21 Mar 2011 | Comments Off | 6,908 views]
Tulle Decorations

I first fell in love with tulle for weddings in a Martha Stewart wedding book where there is a striking image of the bride’s tulle veil and some potted plants.
On holiday in America, in Walmart of all places, I stumbled upon some tulle in rolls for sale. They would make the most perfect wedding decorations on a budget! I wish they sold them in the Walmart equivalent, the Asda supermarkets here… but Alas! atleast some American brides reading this blog may find this useful.
Tulle is a lightweight fine netting that …

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[16 Oct 2010 | Comments Off | 1,114 views]
Rose theme to your Wedding

Our sweet friend was married over the August bank holiday weekend and I loved how she incorporated pink roses into her wedding – in her bonquet, her hair, and in her cake. Keeping the colours light gave it a summery touch and didnt distract the eye. Just love how elegant the whole scheme looks! It also helps having such a great photographer

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[26 Sep 2010 | Comments Off | 3,562 views]
Candle Centre Pieces

My best friend Linda and I spent a few hours last night looking at candle centre pieces for her wedding in June. Whilst many brides use candles for an earthly glow for their wedding centre pieces, Linda wanted to use them in a creative way to decorate the table as well.

If you just want to use plain or coloured candles just by itself (would work out perfect for a winter wedding) then arranging them in different height would add depth to your table centre piece.
Linda actually really liked …

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[5 Sep 2010 | Comments Off | 6,852 views]
Celebrity Wedding Invitations

Ever wondered how celebrities announce their big day? Well here is a collection to inspire you, perhaps even telling you a little bit about the celebrities themselves that you already dont know:
First of all, I adore the simplicity and elegance of former Playboy Kendra Wilkinson and NFL star Hank Baskett’s invitations. The lavender theme gave a hint of their wedding colours, also seen on their bridesmaids:

and this also reminds me of the Kardashian wedding last year, where the passionate colour purple was heavily featured in both the invitation and the …

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[2 Sep 2010 | Comments Off | 2,287 views]
Chair Garlands

One of the newest trends I noted this year was having floral chair garlands… if only for the bride and groom. You can ask your florist to make one with the photos I’ve found below or even make one yourself with a simple needle and thread and string them along:

These are easy to make because you just string the flowers:

Or you could have your florist make them in heart shapes (cheesy I know!) or in ‘B’ for bride and ‘G’ for groom or even the bride and groom’s initials.

Even if …

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[12 Aug 2010 | Comments Off | 1,603 views]
MOO wedding photos

I absolutely love the MOO business cards and had some made myself featuring our wedding photos, engagement photos and some from our honeymoon. Such a great way to pass on your contact details if you meet old and new friends! A pack of 100 small mini cards cost me under £10.00 You can pick a hundred different designs – its funny when you see your friends trying to decide which one.
It all comes within a discreet little white box:

and voila:

and I have the code to give you 15% …

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[24 Jul 2010 | Comments Off | 1,348 views]
Throw the towel in!

I thought this would be an innovative wedding favour – getting towels made. One couple made unique pieces by professionally printed onto high-quality super-soft organic cotton tea towels. Showponey.co.uk can make these if you send them a digital image of you and your groom standing side on so your silhouettes can be accurately traced. The silhouettes will be added to the tea towel along with your names and the date of your wedding. The tea towels are available in 4 colours – Burnt Orange, Maroon, Teal and Grass Green, and …